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is it legal?

All items sold in our shop comply with federal and Ohio state laws.  We have all necessary documentation and required permits for items that we sell.  

State prohibitions on shipping of specific animal or human specimens are noted in the item description and every attempt is made to keep this information up to date.  However,  you are responsible for knowing  your state and local laws prior to purchasing any of our items.

Human Bone Laws & Information

 It is legal to possess and sell human bones in the United States. A few states have banned import and export. Cleveland Curiosities cannot ship any human bones to the following states: Georgia, Tennessee, New York, California and Virginia. We do not sell any items protected by The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

Ethically Sourced Specimens

We do not harm any animals. No bones or skulls are procured from any source associated with poaching. Cleveland Curiosities supports local animal charities and shelters.

WILL we buy your stuff?

Cleveland Curiosities is always interested in anything unusual. Feel free to drop in and show us your unique treasures. You are also welcome to contact us at with photos. Don't be offended if we decide to pass on your item. Not all pieces fit with our shop's vision. We do not accept consignment pieces. We prefer to purchase items outright.

Our Wet Specimens

We at Cleveland Curiosities prep all of our own wet specimens. Each specimen is professionally fixed with formalin. Specimens are then transferred into 70% isopropyl alcohol for long term preservation. Every specimen comes with its own glass container.   Specimens are drained prior to being shipped with instructions on how to properly refill the specimen jar. Wet specimens are shipped 2-day priority US mail with tracking information.

Custom Orders

We do not offer standard taxidermy services in our shop.  However, we can provide wet preparation of specimens that you supply within reasonable size limits. We have a number of  glass display containers to choose from or you can provide your own, but the container must be appropriately sized for your specimen.

You must call the shop prior to bringing in any specimens. In order to protect our own specimens, we cannot accept rotting or insect infested specimens for preparation.  Customer provided specimens must be frozen within a few hours after death if arrangements cannot be made to bring them in immediately.

All animals must comply with Ohio state and federal laws. Turnaround for wet specimen preparation is typically 2-6 weeks.


Many items we carry are one of a kind pieces. It is for this reason that we cannot guarantee restock. Online stock and store stock may vary. Be sure to check online and in person to make sure that you do not miss all available items.